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world, travel, food, wineworld, travel, food, wineGlobal Writes is the official travel magazine of The International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA), a global network of journalists who cover the hospitality and lifestyle fields, and the people who promote them. Global Writes provides an ever-expanding library of illustrated trip reviews by professional travel journalists with advice on the best vacation ideas and itineraries, plus tips and recommendations on global destinations, hotels, B&Bs, cruises, restaurants, food, wine and more. Feel free to access the travel experiences of IFWTWA members worldwide, and mine below.

European Entrepreneurs Transform Annapolis Valley: Hanspeter Stutz and Pete Luckett, two first generation emmigrants from Europe, have spent the past years in Canada's Maritimes. Their entrepreneurial efforts have led the way to putting Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley on the wine, cuisine and tourism map. And they have more ideas...

Ruined by Fire, Renewed by Spring: In the days leading up to Christmas, fire broke out at Domaine de Grand Pré near Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It's the oldest winery in Atlantic Canada, with an envious position overlooking the Bay of Fundy's Minas Basin and Grand Pré's Acadian cultural landscape that became a UNESCO World Heritage Site last summer. The bad news is that the damage to the vineyard's Le Caveau fine dining restaurant is extensive. The good news is that chef Jason Lynch and his kitchen team were there to see the smoke and sound the alarm.

Luang Prabang Outside The Tourist Radar
: This sleepy little town in north central Laos is the former royal seat of the "Land of a Million Elephants". Foreign visitors come to stroll around in the calm, peaceful atmosphere that alternates between the 19th century and ancient Asian structures. But not today. Today is the day the dragons come to town.

Chasing Dracula through Romania: History, culture, evil spirits and the living dead – Romania has it all if you know where to look.

Three Days in the Souks: The bustle and confusion of Moroccan bazaars can be overwhelming to the senses at first, but one does not come to Morocco for clarity. Becoming engulfed in Fez’s medina is key to the wonder and experience.

Namibia's Unspoiled Wilderness: Namibia encompasses many varied landscapes, each one dramatically different from the other. It is a land of big spaces, few inhabitants and natural beauty – a perfect place for wilderness safaris.

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea: Leaving the chaos of Cairo’s airport for the tranquillity of Sharm el Sheikh’s is rewarding, but leaving Sharm’s artificial oasis for possibly the best diving in the world – in the Red Sea – is the big payoff. Here’s why...

Kashmir's Paradise, Redefined: After two weeks in pollution-choked New Delhi, I’m still determined to discover some of the beauty India has to offer. There is a reason so many say they love India, and I’m going to find out why. I should have gone south like they did.

1930’s Rail Travel for the Leisured Elite: If you’re thinking Orient Express, forget it. Think bigger, better and slower. Rovos Rail boasts the most luxurious trains in the world: The Pride of Africa.

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