Launched in 2015, FWT (Food, Wine, Travel) is the official travel magazine of The International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA), an international group of writers in the cuisine, beverage and travel industry. The magazine offers a unique look at the world from IFWTWA members' perspectives.

Issue 4, Jun. 2016, Latin America edition: Deep, Dark and Delicious, the Flavours of Africa in Salvador:  Culture and tradition, rhythm and dance, religion and ritual, as alive today as ever they were, but you'll never guess in what ways. Read on and find out.

Issue 3, Mar. 2016, Fine Beverages edition: Cin-Cin: Under the Sea, the Drink's in the Drink: Being an island, the sea plays an important role in Sardinian cuisine, where succulent seafood appears frequently and is a staple particularly on coastal restaurant menus. The Mediterranean plays another role as well, one that you probably wouldn't have guessed. It is now a wine cellar for fermenting sparkling wines. Yep, undersea storage of which King Triton would appreciate.

Issue 2, Dec. 2015, Europe & Beyond edition: From Zeus' daughter to Jesus' mother, Ephesus has always known how to draw a crowd: And the Oracle of Delphi said, “the fish will jump, the boar will flee and there Androklos, son of Athenian King Kadros, you will establish a city having a bright future.” Then, one day, Androklos was frying a fish in a pan, the oil sputtered, the fish jumped from the pan, flames followed, a bush was ignited, and the boar behind the bush ran away. Naturally, Androklos chased it down on horseback, killed it and, prophecy fulfilled, established there the Ionian city of Ephesus.

A good travel piece is fun, informative and factual,
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