A misadventure travel blog

There's nothing like a great adventure travel story — one that's fun, thrilling and full of the unknown. If that's what you want, check out my WorldGuide Tales from the Road pages. This blog is about the stories a travel writer can't sell. The misadventures. The plans gone awry, luck run amuck. Sometimes with my partner, HB, sometimes with friends, and sometimes I manage to mess things up without any help at all. These are the stories that make your friends laugh and call you a knucklehead. These are the stories you really remember.

Joke telling in a foreign language

The Orkan, a killer whale of a storm

Is there a doctor in the house!

Breaking down in Nova Scotia

An ancient African ritual deep in a Bahian favela

The bad guide

A pink sunrise in the Amazon

Montserrat, a mountain monastery

Alligators and tarantulas on the Transpantanal

A good travel piece is fun, informative and factual,

not a place for hackneyed embellishments.
Do contact me to discuss bringing improbable journeys into the realm of possibility for your magazine or website readership.

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