Sherwin Shilati, Director
by Elizabeth Willoughby

When Sherwin Shilati says about his childhood storytelling, "I remember always being up for the challenge of capturing people's attention," it does not come as a surprise. Just take a look at his list of accomplishments in the film and television industry over the past couple of years.

First came his directorial success from the hit television series, Lost. He followed that with an award-winning short film. That led to his directing the award-winning pilot for Hit Factor, successful advertising campaigns and another award-winning pilot, Then Shilati began writing screenplays. While we await the reaction to his two new feature comedies, Shilati is thinking about writing music scores now, too.

Sherwin shares his thoughts and dreams with WorldGuide:

on his big break...

I consider Lost to be my first true experience in the entertainment industry. It gave me the ability to observe one of the largest scale shows on the planet and be involved in the day-to-day work. Lost absolutely opened doors for me. Not only did Jack Bender, the primary director of the show, executive produce my first short film, I Kicked Luis Guzman In The Face, but he's become a mentor to me as well. The friends I made from the cast and crew serve as constant beacons of advice and experience in the industry.

on his directing style...

I believe a major part of directing is relying on personal taste and artistic perspective. But, learning to work with countless other people towards a common goal is something vital to being a successful filmmaker.

Early on, I can remember thinking how interesting I needed to make each shot – sometimes to the detriment of the project – but I quickly realized one of the first things that will distract an audience is poor performance. I started to concentrate on the acting more than the aesthetic, to capture the voice of the characters before we got ahead of ourselves with regards to visual style. That's when my actors began winning individual accolades and the projects, as a whole, were benefiting.Sherwin Shilati’s career really took off once he worked on the hit television series, Lost. Now, the natural story teller is directing himself into various facets of the film industry, and loving every minute.

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