Mika Krstic writing session
What makes composer Mika Krstic tick? It's not a metronome, but it is a beat.

Music has been his obsession from the start, so it's no surprise that his life is submerged in it, from concerts and pop artists to movies and television.
by Elizabeth Willoughby

Mika Krstic is an up-and-coming composer with deep musical roots. Born in Serbia, Mika was raised in a multi-generational musical family, an environment that nurtured his own outstanding musical potential. By the age of two, Mika was already showing an affinity for music and soon delved into violin and piano lessons. Mika comes from a long line of professional musicians. His great-grandfather was a violinist. His grandfather was a renowned conductor/director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and the national choir, as well as a renowned television and motion picture composer in Eastern Europe. Mika's father is one of the top jazz pianists in Europe and a professor of jazz history. Mika had constant exposure to music throughout his youth and intensively studied composition with both his grandfather and father from a very early age. With such talented educators, including Moscow Conservatory professor Leonid Kogan, Mika has been winning significant awards since his teens. At fifteen, he was invited to the Manhattan School of Music.

In 2006, Mika moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career as a composer. He currently works for Warner Bros. - Telepictures composing music for film and television. In his spare time, he gives recitals of his own compositions and plays in orchestras such as the Santa Monica Symphony, the Monterey Symphony, and the Youth Symphony Orchestra. In Europe, Mika has written scores for three movie soundtracks and produced nine albums.

Mika shares his thoughts and dreams with WorldGuide:

on his beginnings...

Not all children love music. My twin sister, for instance, hated music and only liked teddy bears. I was different. I'm not sure "love" sufficiently describes my relationship towards music. Rather, I was obsessed with music and had strong visual and emotional reactions to it from an early age, unlike anyone I know. Ever since I can recall my conscience self, I couldn't live without being in touch with music and instruments for at least half of each day, everyday. That hasn't changed a bit. Also, what I think was different about me from other children was that I was never forced to play or compose. Rather, I was often forced to stop so I could eat and sleep. ...

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