WorldGuide is a luxury lifestyle website. With regards to interesting people, WorldGuide interviews leaders of their fields. My focus is on the entertainment industry, and I contribute to WG's Thoughts & Visions pages.


Thoughts & Visions

There is an enormous talent pool in the entertainment industry and beyond, but the general public only sees the finished, polished products. WorldGuide looks behind the scenes, deep into the lives of these artists, dreamers and interesting personalities to find out what makes them tick, what made them great, what motivates them, and where they’re headed.

Bill Immerman, Hollywood Producer: With a keen mind for detail and for solving problems even before they occur, Bill Immerman’s career has taken him from LA’s courts to Hollywood movie sets along a behind-the-scenes journey spanning four decades.

Michael Moore on Troubles in America: During the Toronto premiere of his movie, Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore had much to say on the subject, and on things he hopes will change in America.

Mika Krstic, Composer: Mika Krstic is an up-and-coming composer with deep musical roots. Born in Serbia, Mika was raised in a multi-generational musical family, an environment that nurtured his own outstanding musical potential.

Sherwin Shilati, Director: Sherwin Shilati's career really took off once he worked on the hit television series, Lost. Now, the natural story teller is directing himself into various facets of the film industry, and loving every minute.

Marilyn Diggs, Artist: Marilyn Diggs' art is inspired by the culture and beauty of her adopted country, Brazil, but her interpretation comes from within. No matter where she finds herself, joie de vivre finds the way to her canvases.

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