A Bit of Legend, A Bit of History, A Bit Eccentric

Artist and author Ivan Fraser, a local of Peggy's Cove area in southwestern Nova Scotia, has taken the legend of a shipwrecked girl off Halibut Rock in the 1800s, mixed in his own family's history and tied it all together in the "old Fraser homestead" turned museum of all things Peggy. Kitch, funny, eccentric and curious, take the tour of the house, hear Ivan play the pump organ, listen to the old stories, find out about the real Peggy, pick up a postcard or painting by Ivan the artist and get a book about the fictional Peggy for your favourite youngster. He's currently writing the third of his four-part series about Peggy of the Cove. Don't forget to get him to sign your copy.

© Elizabeth Willoughby 2013

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