Theory Bee: Doris Fischer is an Austrian bee keeper on the Orkney Islands in Scotland. She has her own theory on colony collapse disorder.

Ivan Fraser's Peggy of the Cove: Artist and author Ivan Fraser, a local of Peggy's Cove area in southwestern Nova Scotia, has taken the legend of a shipwrecked girl off Halibut Rock in the 1800s, mixed in his own family's history and tied it all together in the "old Fraser homestead" turned museum of all things Peggy. Kitch, funny, eccentric and curious...

The Loose Lifestyle of a Pro Skater: Professional skateboarder Rick McCrank was at the Toronto International Film Festival for the premier of adventure comedy MACHOTAILDROP, in which he played the defending top rider and public face of Machotaildrop, the world's most prestigious skateboard company. Here he talks about his life as a pro skater for Spotlight's "A Day In My Life" page.

Celebrity Society's Star Power Special Feature: Celebrity Society Magazine's feature on what celebrities are doing for charity beyond the photo shoot and PR op.

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