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LTTS logoLook to the Stars is the web's number one source of celebrity charity news and information, covering what the top stars are doing to make a positive difference in the world. The site includes exclusive interviews and a database where fans can learn about their favorite stars' good deeds. I have been LTTS's International Correspondent since 2007. Find the latest here and a small sampling below.

Star Power Backs Occupy Wall Street Movement: The tenacious Occupy Wall Street movement that began on September 17 may have been ignored by mainstream media, but it caught the attention of many celebrities who have visited the New York City protest camp...

Eve Ensler's City Of Joy Has Opened In Congo: Frustrated by the lack of response from the international community to what activist and playwright Eve Ensler calls Congo's "femicide", she's attempting to create a revolution. Last February, Ensler celebrated the opening of the City of Joy in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and will welcome the first residents later this month...

George Clooney Tries To Prevent A Potential Genocide: "If you had had the opportunity three months ahead of time to prevent Darfur's genocide, what would you have done?" So asks George Clooney in a Washington Post op-ed...

Mark Ruffalo Wants Moratorium On Natural Gas Drilling: "I don't know when America got to the point where someone can pour 590 chemicals into the ground with impunity. We need to know what energy companies are putting in our water. We need to protect our farmland. We need to invest in renewable energy that don't carry these risks...

Bill Gates Clarifies The Issue Of Overpopulation: During a Q&A at TED, philanthropist Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was asked if his charity, by saving millions from dying of malaria and other diseases, is contributing to the problem of overpopulation in the world...

Matt Damon's Persistent Efforts To Supply Africa With Clean Water: Recalling a recent trip to Ethiopia, Matt Damon was disturbed to see children drink water that was so dirty it looked like chocolate milk. The alternative, though, would have been for them to not drink, and die faster. "That kind of deprivation isn't even on our radar in North America...

Ryan Reynolds To Run For Parkinson's: After watching runners approach the finish line of the New York Marathon a few years ago, Ryan Reynolds was deeply moved by their self inflicted physical states of not-well-being. So much so that he decided, "I'd never do that ever, ever." ...

Ron Livingston Fights Child Sexploitation: Writer-producer Guy Jacobson and actress-producer Adi Ezroni received the Global Heroes awards for their work on Holly – starring Ron Livingston – and for their efforts against human trafficking. Holly is about a Vietnamese little girl who is sold into prostitution in Cambodia, a tragically common real life story. "If you knew you had a child molester living next door to you," asks Livingston, "would you intervene? And how is [Cambodia] different just because it's across the world?...

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